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Shipping and Maritime Industry Finance

Marine Industry Loan

Financing Shipping Vessels and Mortgage on Vessels

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Guaranteed lowest interest rates, matchless financing programs, and great customer service.

Photo Below: India International Shipbuilding Industry Corporation! Western India Shipbuilder

Following the release of financing granted by the United OPEC Banks, India International Shipbuilding Industry Corporation will acquire modern infrastructure, including 12 floating dry dock of 60000 TLC and 180000 DWT, 8 wet repair jetties of 400 meters and 10 outfitting berths.


India International Shipbuilding Industry Corporation's Expansion Project
The Entire Project Will Be Fully Financed By The United OPEC Banks


Financing Shipyards & Shipbuilders

United OPEC Banks' Shipyards & Shipbuilders Finance Division provides matchless financing programs to the global companies owning deep-sea ships in the main shipping segments such as dry bulk, wet bulk, container-ships, cruise ships and fishing vessels.

Our Shipyards & Shipbuilders Finance Division's client-base consists of financially strong, medium-sized enterprises and multinational shipping companies with a proven track record.

United OPEC Banks' Shipyards & Shipbuilders Finance Division responses the needs of its customers by offering a full range of unique financing programs, including pre and post-delivery financing for new vessels, financing for pre-owned ships, cash management services, letter of credits and bank guarantees.

In addition, United OPEC Banks' Shipyards & Shipbuilders Finance Division facilitates the entire process with all that is required for "closing" the transfer of the legal title of a ship, including the opening of necessary accounts.

★★★ Our Financing Programs Include:

★★★ Shipping: Financing the ship owners for the construction of newly built vessels, or purchase of pre-owned vessels;

★★★ Shipyard: Financing shipyards for the capital expenditure program, working capital requirement for ship building, ship repair works and guarantee & performance bond facilities;

 ••• Maritime Industry: Financing maritime-related companies such as contract financing for fabrication & engineering works for the offshore oil & gas sector and offshore drilling.


Types of Financing and Interest Rates:

Financing Global Shipyard, Shipbuilding and Transportation Project

★★★ Lines of Credit and Bank Guarantees;
★★★ Our fixed-rate loans are only ¼% above LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) for permanent financing of projects.
★★★ Our variable-rate financing is only ½% above the European Central Bank preferential interest rate.


Profit From Our Unmatched Financing Programs and GUARANTEED LOWEST INTEREST RATES

We offer Global Shipyards and Shipbuilders our unmatched financing programs, guaranteed lowest interest rates, unsurpassed capabilities, and unlimited resources - helping them to create competitive advantages.


★★★ Highlights


★★★ NO accrued interest until the project is completed;
★★★ NO hidden application, processing, or disbursement fees;
★★★ NO principle payments due until the project is completed;
★★★ NO ownership or equity ownership by lenders;
★★★ Interest-only basis during the developmental phase of your project;
★★★ United OPEC Banks can accommodate large funding projects of any dollar value;
★★★ Single source financing;
★★★ Flexible payment terms;
★★★ Up to 100% Financing;
★★★ Financing from US$5 million up to NO LIMIT.

Financing Shipyards & Shipbuilders Projects

Financing World's Major Harbors & Airports, Passenger Ships, Cargo Ships, Container Ships, Ocean-Liners, Cruise Ships, Freight Ships, Power Boat Manufacturing Companies, Shipyards, Export, Import and International Trade Projects from US$5,000,000 up to NO LIMIT Always Enhanced by our Traditional:

and Attractive Terms.

Another Large-Scale Maritime Transportation Project
Being Financed By:
United OPEC Banks


India International Shipbuilding Industry Corporation
Mormugao, Indian State of Goa, India

Photo Above:

Soon the India International Shipbuilding Industry Corporation will be a top integrated marine industry, repair and training services company and the world's most respected commercial & defense shipbuilder.

India International Shipbuilding Industry Corporation's
Expansion Project

Upon the release of financing under review by the United OPEC Banks, the India International Shipbuilding Industry Corporation will expand to become a large-scale world-wide shipping company engaged in the provision of global transportation and shipping services.

The new India Shipbuilding Corporation will mainly operate in three business divisions:

★★★ Shipbuilding Division, which will provide liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carriers, container carriers, oil tankers, chemical tankers, passenger ships and cruise ships;

★★★ Marine Special Ship Division, which will provide fixed platforms, semi-submersible drill ships and floating production storage, and offloading units;

★★★ And Naval Ships, such as submarines, submarine rescue vessels, and other specialty vessels.

The new India Shipbuilding Corporation will be also involved in the wind power, marine transportation, construction of roads, tunnels, bridges, apartments and residential complex buildings.

Financing Granted By:
United OPEC Banks
US $598,442,000. (Initial)

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