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Financing Textile, Clothing, Footwear, and Fashion Industry

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Photo Below:

Chinatex Textile & Sportswear Group's Famous Scandal Swimsuits

Following the disbursement of financing under consideration by United OPEC Banks, Chinatex Textile & Sportswear Group's will be engaged in the design, sourcing, marketing, and distribution of active outdoor apparel, footwear, accessories, and equipment.

Chinatex Textile & Sportswear Group will design, source, markets, and distributes apparel, footwear, accessories and equipment under four primary brands: Scandal Swimsuits, Outlaws, Inspiration, and Audace.

Like many other fine projects, the Expansion of Chinatex Textile & Sportswear Group
will be fully financed by the United OPEC Banks International. €1,419,000,000.00


Chinatex Textile & Sportswear Group's Expansion Project
Fully Financed By The United OPEC Banks


Financing Textiles, Clothing, and Footwear

Your textile business is part of a dynamic industry that's constantly evolving in response to the demands of the global marketplace.

At The United OPEC Banks' Textile Industry Finance Division, we provide financing to the textile industry and clothing businesses when they need it the most.

With United OPEC Banks' wide range of matchless financing programs and guaranteed lowest interest rates, textile companies and fashion industry can access the cash they need to support growth in their business.

Specialists at the United OPEC Banks' Textile Industry Finance Division, understand the sophistication of today's business. They'll help you to continue to meet the needs of your customers worldwide.

Global Presence

New and exciting business opportunities await you in the international marketplace.

Whether you own a textile factory or large clothing manufacturing plant, the right financing program can help your global venture succeed.

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Types of Financing and Interest Rates:

Financing Global Textile, Apparel & Clothing Manufacturers

★★★ Lines of Credit and Bank Guarantees;
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★★★ NO ownership or equity ownership by lenders;
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★★★ Single source financing;
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Fashion Industry and Textile Manufacturers' Projects Finance

Financing World's Most Exclusive Fashion Designers, Fashion Industry, Jewelleries, Linen Textile Industry, Clothing, Textile Plants, Shoe Manufacturers, Malls, Retail Stores Franchises, and Shopping Center Projects from US$5,000,000 up to NO LIMIT Always Enhanced by our Traditional:

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Another Major Fashion Industry Project Being Financed By:
The United OPEC Banks International


Chinatex Textile & Sportswear Group's Expansion Project
Headquarters: Keqiao, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, People's Republic of China

Photo Above:

Chinatex Textile & Sportswear Group's Looms in Textile factory

Chinatex Textile & Sportswear Group's
Expansion Project

Upon the release of financing under review by the United OPEC Banks, the Chinatex Textile & Sportswear Group will expand and become heavily engaged in the production, sale, and distribution of cotton yarn, grey fabrics, and denim in the People's Republic of China and internationally.

Through its subsidiaries, Chinatex Textile & Sportswear Group will manufacture and sale knitwear products on an original equipment manufacturing (OEM) basis.

The new Chinatex Textile & Sportswear Group will offer various services, including customized fabrics, dyeing and fining services, printing and embroidery services, cutting and sewing services, as well as packaging and logistics services.

The Company will provide apparel, footwear, accessories and equipment for use in a range of outdoor activities by men, women, and youth.

The Chinatex Textile & Sportswear Group's products will serve a range of consumers, including elite skiers and mountain climbers, winter outdoor enthusiasts, hunting and fishing enthusiasts, top endurance trail runners, and outdoor-inspired consumers.

It will also market licensed collegiate apparel and accessories under its Harvard brand.

Fully Financed By:
The United OPEC Banks

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