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Financing International Shipping, Logistics, and Transportation Industry

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About United World Banks

United World Banks is present in over 150 countries and territories across the globe, making it the most international financial company in the world.

Photo Below: China Shipyards and Export Company Limited (Air Cargo Service Worldwide)

Like Many Other Fine Projects, the Expansion of China Shipyards and Export Company Limited
Will Be Fully Financed By The United World Banks International.


"China Shipyards and Export Company Limited" -- Expansion Projects
Expansion Fully Financed By United World Banks


Transportation Finance & Logistics Loan

Marine Finance By The United World Banks

The Marine and Cargo Transportation Projects Finance Division of United World Banks is focused on dry cargo vessels, container ships, and tankers, all in line with the current market demand - the financing is also available for other types of vessels i.e. fishing boats, tugboats, ro/ro ships and so on.

Types of Project Financing

  •• Pre-Delivery Financing: - United World Banks provides pre-delivery financing during the construction phase to both ship-owners and shipyards.

Besides the hull construction, machinery and equipment purchases, labor costs and other goods and services can also be financed on a project basis.

  •• Post Delivery & Second-Hand Financing: - This is the traditional function of our Marine and Cargo Transportation Projects Finance Division and one of the fastest growing businesses of United World Banks. Vessels of various types and ages are financed.

  •• Shipyards & Floating Docks: - New shipyard establishments, shipyard renovations or floating dock acquisitions are financed on a project basis.

  •• Large Yachts Financing: - United World Banks recently began to finance very specific high-value yacht building projects.

  •• Marina and Port Financing: - A relatively new business area which the United World Banks has targeted.

  •• Working Capital Loan & Short-Term Financing: - United World Banks meets the short-term needs of its marine customers such as high bunkering costs or vessel repair and renovation.

Freight receivables financing is also available on a transaction basis.


★★★ Types of Financing and Interest Rates:

Logistics Loan, Freight & Transport Financing

★★★ Lines of Credit and Bank Guarantees;

Our strong credit rating means that we can provide low-cost letters of credit to enhance your bond issues and increase liquidity.

★★★ Our fixed-rate loans are only ¼% above LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) for permanent financing of projects.
★★★ Our variable-rate financing is only ½% above the European Central Bank preferential interest rate.


Profit From Our Unmatched Financing Programs and GUARANTEED LOWEST INTEREST RATES

We offer Global Transportation & Logistics Industry our unmatched financing programs, guaranteed lowest interest rates, unsurpassed capabilities, and unlimited resources - helping them to create competitive advantages.


★★★ Highlights

★★★ NO accrued interest until project is completed;
★★★ NO hidden application, processing, or disbursement fees;
★★★ NO principle payments due until project is completed;
★★★ NO ownership or equity ownership by lenders;
★★★ Interest-only basis during the developmental phase of your project;
★★★ United World Banks can accommodate large funding projects of any dollar value;
★★★ Single source financing;
★★★ Flexible payment terms;
★★★ Up to 100% Financing;
★★★ Financing from US$5 million up to NO LIMIT.

Financing Marine Industry, Shipyards, and Shipping Industry

Financing World's Major Export, Import, International Trade, Shipping & Shipyards, Fishing Vessels, Shipbuilding & Ship Repair Companies, Container Ships, Air Cargo, Air Freight and Cargo Containers Manufacturing Companies Projects from US$5,000,000 up to NO LIMIT -- Always Enhanced by our Traditional:

And Attractive Terms

Another Shipping Project Being Financed By:
The United World Banks


China Shipyards Company's Expansion Project
Headquarters: Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

Photo Above:

China Export Company's Container Ship in the International Waters Carrying Cargo Containers.

China Export Company's
Expansion Project

Following the release of financing under review by the United World Banks, the China Shipyards and Export Company Limited (ChinEx) will expand and operate as a major international shipping company.

The China Export Company will be also engaged in energy, ground & air transportation and offshore operation.

The new China Export Company operating segments will include:

  ••• Ocean Freight Shipping Segment - providing container shipping services through a fleet of its new approximately 477 vessels.

  ••• Terminals Segment - which will be involved in container terminal activities, inland transportation, container depots operation, repair of containers, etc.

This segment will operate a network of 74 operating port facilities in 98 countries, and inland services operations in approximately 200 locations in 102 countries.

  ••• Drilling Segment - will be engaged in offshore drilling activities and land-rig operations with 22 jack-up rigs and floaters.

  ••• Supply Service Segment - will be involved in supply vessel activities with anchor handling and platform supply vessels, etc. through a fleet of approximately 98 vessels to the offshore and associated industries.

  ••• Tankers Segment - will be engaged in the tanker shipping of crude oil, oil products, and gas through a fleet of 130 tankers, also provides logistics, freight forwarding, and supply chain management services.

  ••• Marine Segment - will be engaged in towing and salvage activities, etc. with a fleet of approximately 400 vessels.

Financing Granted By:
The United World Banks

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