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Photo Below: Okinawa International Luxury Resort At The Shores of Cape Manza

In spring the highlight of the Okinawa International Luxury Resort, on the shores of Cape Manza will be the blooming of cherry blossoms which draws throngs of admirers.

In summer, Japan's top three festivals - Tenjin Matsuri - will be held near the hotel offering guests the chance to experience a colorful uniquely Japanese celebration.

The Entire Project Will Be Financed By The OPEC Banks International


Okinawa International Luxury Resort's Construction Project
The Construction Will Be Fully Financed By The OPEC Banks

Financing Hotel and Hospitality Projects Worldwide

Selecting the right financial partner is critical. Companies need banking partners who are able to fully service their needs using specialist skills and global reach.

As the world's leading financial institution, OPEC Banks' Gaming & Hospitality Finance Division provides the complete range of integrated financing products and industry sector coverage, combined with extensive country and local market knowledge.

As a market leader, OPEC Banks' Gaming & Hospitality Finance Division offers unmatched financing programs, unrivalled breadth & depth of hotel industry knowledge, and most importantly our traditional guaranteed lowest interest rates, helping the clients to meet and exceed their business goals.

Our team of industry professionals has built a premier investment banking platform in the industry by demonstrating consistent performance in advising and financing companies in the gaming and hospitality industry.

Leveraging the in-depth knowledge of our relationship managers, investment bankers, and product specialists, the group provides a complete range of dynamic financing solutions for its customers.

In recent years Hospitality and Leisure industry have seen dynamic growth.

The experienced teams at the OPEC Banks' Gaming & Hospitality Finance Division provide clients with a single platform for advisory and capital raising services. We specialize in the following areas:

★★★ Catering and Restaurant Franchises;
★★★ Airlines, Cruise Ships, and Cruise Lines;
★★★ Gaming & Hospitality;
★★★ Health & Fitness;
★★★ Resorts and Golf Courses;
★★★ Leisure, Travel, and Tourism.


Types of Financing and Interest Rates:

Financing Hospitality and Tourism Industry

★★★ Lines of Credit and Bank Guarantees;
★★★ Our fixed-rate loans are only ¼% above LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) for permanent financing of projects.
★★★ Our variable-rate financing is only ½% above the European Central Bank preferential interest rate.


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We offer Global Tourism Industry and Hospitality Management Companies our unmatched financing programs, guaranteed lowest interest rates, unsurpassed capabilities, and unlimited resources - helping them to create competitive advantages.


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★★★ NO accrued interest until the project is completed;
★★★ NO hidden application, processing, or disbursement fees;
★★★ NO principle payments due until the project is completed;
★★★ NO ownership or equity ownership by lenders;
★★★ Interest-only basis during the developmental phase of your project;
★★★ OPEC Banks International can accommodate large funding projects of any dollar value;
★★★ Single source financing;
★★★ Flexible payment terms;
★★★ Up to 100% Financing;
★★★ Financing from US$5 million up to NO LIMIT.

Casino, Hotel, Resort and Golf Course Projects Finance

Financing World's Luxury Filled Resorts, Hotels, Spas, Casinos, Gaming, Hospitality, Restaurants & Coffee Shop Franchises, Yacht & Country Club, Wine Industry, Nightclubs and Tourism Projects from US$5,000,000 up to NO LIMIT -- Always Enhanced by our Traditional:

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Another Major Hospitality Project Being Financed By:
The OPEC Banks International


Ultra Luxury Okinawa International Resort & Yacht Club Project
Okinawa Island, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan

Photo Above: La Renaissance Dining Experience

Okinawa International Resort & Yacht Club
Construction Project

Following the release of financing under review by the OPEC Banks International, the construction of luxury filled Okinawa International Resort & Yacht Club will start on the shores of Cape Manza, a cape on the East China Sea.

This amazing, luxury filled resort will be a complete ocean paradise, exotic and fantastic and will feel like a Disneyland for grown-ups.

The deluxe, elliptical, sea-shell shaped hotel will be designed to blend with its tropical marina park setting.

All rooms will overlook stunning seascape views.

Okinawa International Resort & Yacht Club will feel like a wonderful island packed with surprises around every corner, like a lush swimming pool complete with an adjacent barbecue area.

Guests will be able to take a ride in the cabin cruiser glass bottom boat or the catamaran water boat.

All of the guest rooms will be comfortable and nicely equipped to give a feeling of being home while away from home.

The resort will have a variety of facilities and services that are sure to meet the needs of both business and leisure travelers.

Financing Granted By:
The OPEC Banks International

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