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$9,500 All Included Offshore Bank License


$9,500 Banking License All Included

Offshore Bank Formation
Jurisdictions: All Onshore and Offshore Jurisdiction

Your Own Offshore Bank For Only US$9,500 (All Included)

World-Wide Acceptance

Since 1984 Over 75,390 Banks Have Been Incorporated By
British Petro's Offshore Services
In More Than 145 Countries And Territories

Your Own Offshore Bank
Welcome To Real Life

Your Own Offshore Bank - A World Of Unlimited Opportunities

Our Passion & Outstanding Commitment To Help You Protect Your Valuable Properties and Assets

And, Save On Taxes

We Have All You Need to Successfully Incorporate Your Own Offshore Bank

A Word From The President:

"It may surprise you to learn that the NUMBER ONE reason for people moving money offshore is NOT because of the tax benefits but asset protection.
Today's predaceous and litigious society unfortunately, makes successful people vulnerable to lawsuits of every kind."

The Power of United OPEC Banks

In most jurisdictions without the help and unparalleled knowledge of United OPEC Banks, it is almost impossible for a new applicant, who wants to offer banking services, to establish a bank company, unless the applicant is a renowned and respected international bank incorporation.

Basic Types of Offshore Bank Licenses Offered by United OPEC Banks

In general terms, it is possible to divide offshore bank licenses into two basic types of license's which can have a number of further subtypes.

•••• General Bank License:

Is understood in a majority of jurisdictions as a license for the providing of bank services at the place of registration and internationally direct to the general public.

The bank acts as any other bank entity, it can accept deposits from the public and perform common bank services with residents or non-residents. In an overwhelming majority of countries, however, the activity is limited to providing services to non-residents, i.e. offshore banking services only. This type of offshore bank is established in view of providing commercial bank services in an offshore regime.

•••• Restrictive bank license:

Is a license which limits territorial activities of the bank or the possibility of providing services in foreign currencies or even just to certain persons. In a majority of cases, the bank cannot accept deposits from the public and it can provide its services only to those entities which are provided for in the bank license. This bank is used as a so-called corporate bank for active Cash Flow management.

Leading bank centers with very low or no taxes and a slightly more liberal environment are concentrated to a significant extent into three geographic areas-Caribbean, Europe, and Pacific.

The truth is that the laws of these different foreign jurisdictions differ very much and that one jurisdiction may be at a certain moment far more attractive than another jurisdiction, and therefore it is necessary to perform an analysis before selection of a location.

The advantages which are available to proprietors of private international banks significantly prevail over the advantages offered by a majority of other investment or financial related entities, such as investment funds, mutual investment co-operatives, credit and loan co-operatives, investment societies, etc.

Financial activities exclusive to banks only, as tools for direct access to international capital markets or inter-bank advantages in the form of wholesale borrowing and reduction of foreign exchange fees, are suddenly available to natural persons as an offshore bank owner.

The offshore bank company established that way can become a high-quality tool for:

 ••• Tax planning;
 ••• Increase in image of the financial group or holding;
 ••• Active cash flow management;
 ••• Issuing bonds and guarantees for tender proceeding purposes;
 ••• Easier access to bank information about business partners and competitors;
 ••• Easier access to financial markets;
 ••• More progressive financing of business activities of a holding or financial group;
 ••• Establishment of confidential and flexible bank accounts;
 ••• Providing loans and credit facilities.

With your own financial institution, you can legally engage in activities such as:

 ••• Deposit taking and lending;
 ••• Offering of securities;
 ••• Issuing of financial guarantees;
 ••• Cash management services;
 ••• Payment services;
 ••• Current accounts;
 ••• Checking accounts;
 ••• Savings accounts;
 ••• Term deposits;
 ••• Certificates of deposit;
 ••• Wire transfer services;
 ••• Credit and debit card services;
 ••• Marketing investments;
 ••• Share brokerage;
 ••• Fund management.

The following aspects belong among the main advantages of private ownership of Your Own Offshore Bank:

Profit -- All banks, whether foreign or domestic, borrow monies from their depositors at a lower interest rate and lend them in turn to their borrowers at a higher interest rate. The proprietors of a private international bank receive money not only from the depositors, but also generate their profit from the possibilities of handling the cash which is available to banks only.

Privacy & Confidentiality -- Strict laws concerning bank confidentiality in the host countries protect the interests of financial institutions from unauthorized probes of governmental agencies, tax officers, persons with legal claims or aggressive corporate competitors.

A private international bank provides protection from financial breakthrough attempts which are quite usual in the domestic banking sector.

Tax Protection -- International financial centers have acquired the goodwill of legal tax heavens. Since the host countries tax the incomes resulting from international activities of qualified banks at a low rate - possibly they do not tax it at all - a private international bank can protect dividends, interest and managerial fees of its proprietor from levies in favour of tax authorities of the country where the proprietor is resident or citizen.

Ownership -- Ownership of an offshore bank is burdened by minimum bureaucratic requirements. It is possible to own Your Offshore Bank at a surprisingly low price from United OPEC Banks, and you bank furthermore does not need a number of bank authorizations, as it is in the case for continental onshore jurisdictions.

In most cases, a sufficient qualification is represented by a formed experience in this sector or good bank references and a business plan, which will convince the authorities of the host country about your honest business activities.

Asset Protection -- The assets deposited into Your Own Offshore Bank is immune against all judgments and judicial orders of forfeiture or other tasks, issued in your home country.

Image -- As a proprietor of an offshore bank, you will enter into the world of private international bankers. People will admire you (and in our geographical latitudes they will also envy you ...) from your business partners and you will create an impression of a rich individual with whom it pays to do business.

Diversification of Assets -- The best way of how to secure assets is their geographical distribution and diversification. There is no better way of how to implement such a distribution than locating them in one or more private international banks, which can be owned and operated by you in accordance with your personal intents.

Integration -- An overwhelming majority of offshore banks at present offer the most up-to-date manners of communications and account management, such as Internet Banking, on-line broker services, e-Commerce and a number of other, on-line products, which are available to any client in the world for 24 hours and 7 days in a week.

Also, Your Own Offshore Bank can be one of the e-banking pioneers and enjoy a share in the cake of multimillion business.

Reserves -- A number of jurisdictions do not require keeping the capital reserves. Some offshore banks are not obliged to keep reserves at the Central Bank.

Regulation Barriers -- Offshore banks are able to avoid a large quantity of smaller as well as expensive regulation barriers which apply to domestic onshore banks.

Free choice -- Offshore banks are not forced to purchase certain types of securities (such as government bonds), they can freely choose for allocation of their resources according to their own choice and strategy.

Interest -- There do not apply any credit ceilings for international banks, which would prevent them from using profitable transactions, and no requirements on minimum and maximum interest rates declared by the Central Bank.

New technology -- A number of jurisdictions have missed technological development and demand for modern services. This means that there are still many jurisdictions where the banks cannot provide e-Commerce, payment systems for Internet clearing of payments in the B2B and B2C regimes yet. These limitations do not apply to an overwhelming majority of offshore banks.

Mailing, Fax, Telephone And Office Facilities:

As part of the domiciliary services, we provide clients with a registered office address in the country of incorporation but clients may find it also convenient to arrange for mail forwarding, fax and telephone facilities through our Switzerland, The Bahamas Islands, London or other United OPEC Banks more than 5,000 affiliated brokers regional offices in over 150 countries and territories around the world.

This service may be especially useful where, for example, the company is opening bank accounts.

Normally the bank would address statements and other correspondence to the company at the address of the client but this results in a loss of confidentiality in that the connection between the company name and the client will be automatically made.

To safeguard against this mail can be directed to our offices and we can re-mail those letters in a plain envelope addressed to the client or otherwise as the client directs.

An additional advantage of using our re-mailing services is that the provision of a re-mailing address through one of our prestigiously located offices in the onshore jurisdictions may allow the offshore company to appear to be domiciled on-shore and thereby give that company an added degree if respectability.

Why Go Offshore?

Most people think they have done everything to protect themselves and their families.

--Is This Always The Case?


Can Money Really Buy Happiness?
--The Answer is: "Yes"


Your Offshore Bank = Your Power, Success, and Happiness
Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to shop!


Welcome to Your Own Offshore Bank
"Money may not be the most important thing in our lives, but it is right up there!"

United OPEC Banks' US$9,500 VIP Power Package Includes:

 ••• Certificate of Incorporation and Certificate of Good Standing for your offshore bank;
 ••• Memorandum and Articles of Association;
 ••• First year government fee;
 ••• Share Certificate issued to the bearer or to the nominee shareholder (recommended and provided for free) or registered;
 ••• Minutes of the first meeting of founders;
 ••• Letter of appointment of the first director;
 ••• Register of members for offshore bank;
 ••• Register of directors for offshore bank;
 ••• Registered agent services first year for offshore bank;
 ••• Registered office for offshore bank (first year);
 ••• Apostille of the charter documents;
 ••• Courier delivery;
 ••• 3 Bank accounts with world's major banks;
 ••• Nominee directors;
 ••• Power of Attorney;
 ••• Apostille documents;
 ••• Notarized documents;
 ••• Apostilled translation of the charter documents into local language;
 ••• Notarized translation of the charter documents into local language;
 ••• Rubber stamp of the bank;
 ••• Express Delivery;
 ••• Amendments to the bank charter documents, name change, etc;
 ••• Redomiciliation;
 ••• Trading and investment account. Operation via Tel., Fax, Internet. Debit cards;
 ••• Offshore Brokerage Account for Day Trading;
 ••• Virtual office in your selected jurisdiction, including: e-mail address, fax and answering machine for infrequent use, with forwarding all messages by e-mail;
 ••• One year offshore hold mail and forwarding;
 ••• Offshore merchant account.

Your Own Offshore Bank May Include
VIP Package for Some of the Following Jurisdictions for Only US$9,500

Andorra Anguilla Antigua and Barbuda Austria Bahamas Barbados Czech Republic
Bermuda British Virgin Islands Canary Islands Cayman Islands Cyprus Gibraltar Montenegro
Guernsey Hong Kong Ireland Isle of Man Jersey Liechtenstein Costa Rica
Mauritius Monaco Nauru Nevis Singapore Switzerland Turks & Caöcos
United Kingdom St. Vincent & The Grenadines Vanuatu Western Samoa Labuan New Zealand Venezuela
Australia Chile Dominican Republic Argentina Belize Brazil Uruguay
Ireland Spain Uruguay Grenada Bodrum Spanish-Moroccan Tax Havens Madeira Tax Haven of Portugal
Jamaican Free Trade Zones Commonwealth of Dominica Campione D'Italia Poland Eastern Turkish Border, Tbilisi Mozambique Guatemala


The average person is frequently confused by the complexity of international tax planning and discouraged by the substantial costs involved in an offshore company formation or registering of a bank or trust in a tax haven. The registration costs and ongoing yearly administration expenses frequently exceed what the average person could save in taxes.

United OPEC Banks' Offshore Group has a new program to answer those concerns. We provide the simple, secure, private and low-cost answer for the person who is just starting out or the veteran who now understands that simplicity is the essence of genius. Our survey has shown that this solution answers all of the needs for 100% of the persons seeking to go offshore.

The program includes bearer shares so that complete anonymity is guaranteed, documentation and support services so that you can create You Own Offshore Bank under your complete control, where and when you wish, and flexibility so that you can change your financial affairs to reflect your future needs.

More Jurisdictions?

United OPEC Banks' Offshore Group is in a position to assist new and established clients in opening personal and corporate offshore bank or trust accounts, denominated in almost every currency, in over 155 countries and territories, including:

New Zealand, Australia, Chile, The Dominican Republic, Ireland, Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Uruguay, Prague, Bodrum, The Spanish-Moroccan Tax Havens, The Madeira Tax Haven of Portugal, The Jamaican Free Trade Zones, The Dominican Republic Free Trade Zones, Campione D'Italia, Andorra, Poland, The Eastern Turkish Border and Tbilisi, Mozambique, Guatemala, The Virgin Islands, The Philippine Islands, and Anguilla are just some of the countries and places featured.


It's a Pleasure to Serve You

We trust that we have clarified the intriguing world of the United OPEC Banks' Offshore Bank Formation programs. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, relating to this opportunity and provide you with additional details regarding any of our other devoted services.

Please click here to inform us the full particulars of your situation and what you wish to accomplish. We will review your situation VERY CAREFULLY and offer to you a custom fitted solution. 95% of the time it will be simple to understand and 100% of the time it will be the least expensive alternative.

If you would like to obtain further details of the legislation surrounding the formation of Your Own Bank in your favourite jurisdiction or wish to discuss any matter in complete confidence, please click here to contact:
Mr. Ralph N. Ogden Ph.D.
Vice President
United OPEC Banks' Offshore Services

Thank you for your interest and feel free to contact United OPEC Banks' Offshore Services if you believe the formation of Your Own Bank in your favourite jurisdiction may be appropriate in your particular situation. Any communication with us is considered PRIVILEGED and CONFIDENTIAL.

If you need it, want it, desire it, or dream it,
Your Own Offshore Bank will help you to get it.
Let Us Do The Same For You.

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