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Financing Petroleum Refineries, Petrochemicals, and Fertilizers Industry

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Funding Oil & Gas Exploration

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The PetroJap's spherical new giant tanks will be pressurized and will contain liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), one of the products from the refining of crude oil. Petroleum gases (mostly butane and propane) will be used as a fuel in a similar way to the use of natural gas (which is mostly methane).

Like many other fine projects, the Expansion of PetroJap
will be fully financed by the United OPEC Banks International. £1,756,000,000.00


PetroJap Petrochemicals' Expansion Project
The Entire Project Will Be Fully Financed By The United OPEC Banks


Financing Petrochemicals & Fertilizers Manufacturing Companies

Clients at the United OPEC Banks' Petrochemicals & Fertilizers Finance Division include a diverse range of multinational corporations in the emerging markets as well as multinational enterprises in the global markets.

We tailor our innovative financing programs to meet a wide variety of client needs: greenfield and expansion projects, potash mining, potassium mining, nitrogen products and fertilizer manufacturing.

United OPEC Banks' Petrochemicals & Fertilizers Finance Division plays a leading role in the vast majority of financings for the development of petrochemical facilities in the world.

United OPEC Banks' Petrochemicals & Fertilizers Finance Division has advised on and arranged debt financing for world-scale refineries in more than 150 countries and territories.


★★★ Types of Financing and Interest Rates:

Financing Oil & Gas Refineries and Petrochemicals

★★★ Lines of Credit and Bank Guarantees;
★★★ Our fixed-rate loans are only ¼% above LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) for permanent financing of projects.
★★★ Our variable-rate financing is only ½% above the European Central Bank preferential interest rate.


Profit From Our Unmatched Financing Programs and GUARANTEED LOWEST INTEREST RATES

We offer Global Petrochemicals Industry and Fertilizer Manufacturing Companies our unmatched financing programs, guaranteed lowest interest rates, unsurpassed capabilities, and unlimited resources - helping them to create competitive advantages.


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★★★ NO accrued interest until project is completed;
★★★ NO hidden application, processing, or disbursement fees;
★★★ NO principle payments due until project is completed;
★★★ NO ownership or equity ownership by lenders;
★★★ Interest-only basis during the developmental phase of your project;
★★★ United World Banks can accommodate large funding projects of any dollar value;
★★★ Single source financing;
★★★ Flexible payment terms;
★★★ Up to 100% Financing;
★★★ Financing from US$5 million up to NO LIMIT.

Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Petroleum Refinery and Oil & Gas Exploration Finance

Financing World's Major Petrochemicals Industry, Including Olefins (Ethylene and Propylene), Aromatics (Benzene, Toluene and Xylene Isomers), Oil Refineries, Chemical Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Offshore Drilling, Oil & Gas Platforms, Pipelines, Oil & Gas Transportation, LNG, Super-Tankers, Refineries, Storage and Energy-Related Projects from US$5,000,000 up to NO LIMIT Always Enhanced by our Traditional:

and Attractive Terms.

Another Petrochemical Project Being Financed By:
United OPEC Banks


PetroJap Petrochemicals Company Limited - Expansion Project
Headquarters: Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Photo Above:

PetroJap Petrochemicals Company Limited - Plant at Ehime Works, Ohe Works, Production & Safety Fundamental Technology Center (Japan)

PetroJap Petrochemicals Company's
Expansion Project

Following the release of financing granted by United OPEC Banks, the PetroJap Petrochemicals Company Limited will expand to become a major global energy and chemical company.

PetroJap Petrochemicals through its subsidiaries will engage in oil and gas and chemical operations in China, Russia, Europe, Africa, and Americas.

Oil and gas operations in Yufutsu Field will consist of exploring for, developing and producing crude oil and natural gas; transporting crude oil and natural gas by pipelines; refining crude oil into finished petroleum products; and marketing crude oil, natural gas, and refined petroleum products.

Chemical operations will include the manufacture and marketing of a range of chemicals for industrial uses.

PetroJap Petrochemicals will operate in four business segments:

★★★ Exploration and production segment;
★★★ Refining segment;
★★★ Marketing and distribution segment and;
★★★ Chemicals segment, corporate and others.

Financing Granted By:
The United OPEC Banks

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